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Press Releases

November 16, 2021

SAS Institute Flight Department Visits ASG Training Center

John Pearson Senior Captain/Safety Officer at SAS Institute, Inc.

We had a great visit the other day with Tom Armstrong and his staff at Aero Strategies Group in Morrisville, NC (right down the road from us). Excellent demonstration of their advanced classroom training facilities integrated with a very capable B737-800 FBS. Our BBJ pilots really enjoyed flying the simulator. The future looks bright for commercial pilot training on our home turf.
Boeing 737 pilots from SAS Institute test fly our ProJet Boeing 737-800 FBS

October 30, 2021



PacSim Delivers FTD to North Carolina

New Zealand FTD manufacturer Pacific Simulators (PacSim) has delivered another flight simulator into the USA.

Aero Strategies Group (ASG) based in Morrisville, North Carolina, took delivery of a NextGen ProJet PS4.5
FTD, which is a fully enclosed, fixed-base simulator representing the Boeing 737NG. ASG has established
a brand-new, training center which is located just a 5-minute drive from the Raleigh-Durham International
Airport. The training facility can accommodate multiple ground school schedules and provides exclusive
use of all onsite amenities.

The PacSim FTD includes the all-new PacVision 220° Visual System and spacious Instructor Station suitable
for training larger student groups. The ASG Center and FTD will be used by local flight schools and airlines
for a range of different training applications which will include: 

• Pilot Pathway Program Training
• Jet Transition Course
• Crew Resource Management & Human Factors
• SIT (Systems Integration Training)
• Human Factors/CRM
• Supplemental Training
• Assessments for Pilot Recruitment

ASG’s President, Tom Armstrong was excited at the handover, “We started this journey with PacSim
earlier this year and they have done a brilliant job to complete the project despite the challenges the Covid
pandemic has thrown at them. The simulator itself is terrific and we look forward to building our business
around this great training tool.”

PacSim Sales Director, Iain Pero and ASG President, Tom Armstrong on completion of the project

Iain Pero, Sales Director at PacSim was impressed with the new facility, “ASG has invested heavily in a
modern, state-of-the-art training center, which is one of a kind in the region. With the increasing shortage
of pilots in the US due to Covid, the timing could not have been better. Tom has great vision, and we feel
privileged that he selected PacSim as his partner on this project.
ASG Training Center_1.jpeg
ASG Training Center_2.jpeg
ASG Training Center_3.jpeg
September 17, 2021

Cleared Direct to Raleigh


Excellent news from our friends in New Zealand...our simulator has finished upgrades and testing and is on its way to Raleigh! The team at PacSim has truly gone above and beyond to see this project through and we couldn't be happier with the outcome thus far. Tracking the sim's progress along the shipping lanes, we anticipate an on-time arrival at our Raleigh Durham/Morrisville training facility on October 12th.
Look for more updates soon after installation is complete for our open house dates in November!​
Final sim tests prior to shipping

June 4, 2021

Our ProJet FTD (Boeing 737NG) Arrives In New Zealand


What a great way to close out the week! News from our friends at PacSim, our ProJet FTD (Boeing 737NG) has completed the long journey by sea to their NZ-based factory.​ Over the next few weeks, the PacSim team will perform several upgrades to the device, as well as ensure every component is in tip-top shape right down to the last dot before it continues the journey to our new sim facility in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina. 
We look forward to posting more updates as we get closer to the sim's delivery in October 2021!
May 26, 2021



Aero Strategies Group Chooses PacSim FTD


For Immediate Release – 26th May 2021

New market entrant Aero Strategies Group (ASG), based out of Raleigh, North Carolina has chosen New Zealand manufacturer Pacific Simulators (PacSim) as their first Flight Training Device supplier. ASG is a pilot training center focused on bridging the flight training/proficiency gaps faced by flight crews and operators within the industry.
PacSim will supply one of their ProJet PS4.5 FTD’s which is ideal for this type of application. The PS4.5 FTD is a fully enclosed cockpit based on the Boeing 737NG. Utilizing state of the art ProSim737 avionics software and made from an original Boeing cockpit and flight controls the PacSim FTD provides all the systems required to deliver an accurate and high-level training outcome.
ASG’s President and Managing Director, Tom Armstrong, himself a Boeing Captain expressed excitement over his new business and the FTD, “Over the last several years I recognized an increasing demand for both supplemental and qualification flight training utilizing advanced flight simulation devices. Over the past 18 months, with Covid, this has increased, even more, so late last year I made the decision to build a training center to cater to this market.”
“I spent a lot of time performing due diligence with various products and companies and PacSim came out well ahead. After testing their device, I have to say I was actually surprised at the level of quality and functionality. Having been used to doing nearly all my training in Full Flight Simulators, it was far higher than I expected for any FTD. In the end, the choice was easy!”





Crew Landing.jpeg
ProJet PS4.5 on approach
Iain Pero, Sales Director at PacSim was encouraged by ASG’s outlook for the future, “It’s been a really tough year at all levels for the aviation sector, so to see someone like Tom launching a new training center whilst the pandemic is still raging in many parts of the world is pretty gutsy. I take my hat off to him and we are pleased he chose PacSim as his simulator partner.”
Delivery is planned for October 2021.
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