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Simulator Leasing Solutions

Leasing Options for Individual Pilots

and Flight Training Departments

Are you a pilot looking to prepare for an upcoming airline interview, or maybe just familiarize yourself with the Boeing 737 prior to initial training? Whatever your path may be, we provide cost effective leasing options to get you ready. Our instructors are full-time airline pilots type rated in the Boeing 737 and can carry out any number of simulator training profiles to help you prepare for that next step in your airline career.

If you are a pilot making the transition from flying props to jets, we also offer an
 Airline Pilot Development - Jet Orientation Course designed to introduce the pilot trainee to typical simulator training profiles experienced during initial training at an airline. 

Operators, Flight Schools, Aviation Academies, and Aeronautical Universities looking to enhance their training syllabus can partner with Aero Strategies Group to provide their students/pilot trainees with such courses as Pilot Pathway Programs, Jet Orientation Course, Crew Resource Management, and Human Factors.

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Wet Lease  

Option 1:                                                 
2 Hour Block Session $626.00 
Option: 2  
4 Hour Block Session $995.00           
You will have access to our simulator and facility amenities. In addition, we will provide you with at least one instructor or crew member/seat support on board to support your simulator training session. Instructor fees ($80.00/hr.) are included in the wet lease rates noted above.
**Simulator sessions can be carried out with the following crew pairings: Trainee/Trainee or Trainee/Instructor. Instructor can manage simulator session from either the instructor operating station (IOS) or from iPads located at both captain and first officer seats.

Dry Lease 

Option 1: 
2 Hour Block Session $466.00


Option 2: 
4 Hour Block Session $675.00
You will have access to our simulator and facility amenities without one of our experienced Boeing 737 instructors. This means you, or one your own instructors will be responsible for providing the flight simulator training and/or operation of the simulator during your training sessions. 
**We will provide a 30-minute briefing period prior to your session in the operation of the simulator from both the instructor operating station (IOS) and from the simulator iPads located at both the captain and first officer seats.
TSA Requirements for Flight Training 
US Citizens
Must bring a valid, unexpired United States Passport to the ASG training center. Per the regulation, ASG is required to make a copy of each pilot’s Passport and store the copy for 5 years. If you do not have an unexpired US Passport, you may use an Original or Certified copy of your US Government issued Birth Certificate.
Non-US Citizens
Must comply with TSA requirements to include bringing a valid, unexpired passport and a Permanent Resident card or valid US Visa to the ASG Training Center.

For more information regarding required documentation prior to training and simulator availability contact us at:

+1 919.377.9244

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