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Commercial & Business Aviation 

Success starts from

the ground up

Successful full-flight simulator training outcomes are rooted within a training department's ground school and Sytems Integration Training. Aero Strategies Group is here to work as an extension to your current Boeing 737 training department when you need it. Our training facility can accommodate multiple ground school schedules and provides exclusive use of all onsite amenities. We partner with you to ensure no matter what your training demand your company has the facility and equipment available to keep pace.
Our ProJet B737-800 Fixed-Base Simulator can be used to conduct the following applications:
  • In-House Ground School
  • SIT (Systems Integration Training)
  • Human Factors/CRM
  • Supplemental Training
  • Assessments for Pilot Recruitment 
  • Pilot Pathway Program Training
Contact us today to discuss how Aero Strategies Group can partner with your airline or corporate training department.
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ProJet B737-800
Fixed-Base Simulator
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