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About Our Company

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Our Core Values

Our Beginning

Recognizing an increased demand throughout the aviation industry for both supplemental and qualification flight training utilizing advanced flight simulation devices, Aero Strategies Group (ASG) was established in 2020 offering an advanced flight simulation platform capable of bridging the flight training/proficiency gaps faced by flight crews and operators within the industry. Our team is comprised of career airline pilot professionals with extensive experience in commercial, charter, corporate, and government flight operations throughout the world.  

Boeing 737 continues to be the most widely utilized narrow-body jet in the world today and will continue to be for many years to come. As such, Aero Strategies Group will look to provide additional Boeing 737 fixed-base and full-flight simulators to multiple segments within the aviation industry.

Our Mission


To provide trusted flight simulation leasing strategies within the aviation industry to maximize crew safety, capability, and proficiency. Going above and beyond for our customers, growing those relationships, and seeking out opportunities to make the aviation industry safer is our commitment.
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